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Yacht Klub Polski Gdynia   


Cennik postojów

Dear Friends,

As the representative of the board, employees and members, it is my pleasure to introduce and welcome you to Yacht Club of Poland Gdynia (YKP).

Our yacht club is one of 17 members of Yacht Clubs of Poland spread across Poland. There are also Yacht Clubs of Poland in San Francisco (USA) and London (GBR - with branch in Germany). The first Yacht Club of Poland had been established in Warsaw in 1924, and the first commodore was gen. Mariusz Zaruski, and Honorary Commodore was President of Poland Ignacy Mościcki.

It is worth remembering that:

  • Yacht Club of Poland is the only sailing club in Poland, that has the right to use a Polish Navy flag with its own logo!
  • This banner is included in Lloyd's Register of Yachts
  • YKP has the same prestige as British royal clubs!
  • YKP is a multiple member founder of Polish Yachting Association.

Since its origin, the mission of Yacht Club of Poland is creating a new lifestyle by making sailing more accessible to the public. We are satisfying this mission with eagerness, providing ambitious goals for ourselves and consistently fulfilling them.

YKP Gdynia is broken into: Sailing School (for beginners), Racing School and Sea Section. With that, our Club is one of the few in sailing environment where you can sail from age 6 to 106.

In Sailing School, we coach kids as young as six. The coaches are most distinguished yachtsmen, with Zdzislaw Staniul, coach of 2003 and mulitple olimpian in 470 class as the head coach. In our school, all pass through a true sailing christening, and earn the first important sailing experience.

In Racing School, many distinguished sailiors and athletes sail and combine "regular" life with sailing passion. Training is conducted on three levels of experience by extremely experienced coaches led by coach Adam Jankowski.

For the past couple of years, our athletes are dominating on Polish sailing scene by winning the title of Team Champions of Poland couple of years in the row. In our racing school, athletes train in the following classes: Optimist, L'equipe, 420, Laser, Europa, 470, 49er and other. In 2003 our member Piotr Radowski won European Championships in Optimist, the first such title in the history of Polish sailing.

Our top racing team is: Marcin Czajkowski i Krzysztof Kierkowski (Olimpians from Athens in 49er) . Racing School is primarily: action, speed, dynamics, battle, courage and perseverance.

In Sea Section, you can meet both veteran sea wolves and young sailors battling the sea elements. One member of our club, Jarosław Kaczorowski, on yacht Polpharma-Warta, sailed around the world in the famous sea race The Race! Another member of our club, Adam Selonke is the reigning Polish Champion of Sea Yachts.

Sailing on sea yachts in YKP Gdynia is not only about battling the elements ... it is also time for peace and relaxation. Our yachts take part of tourist sailing expeditures on Baltic Sea. One such yacht is s/y Kneź.

All of the sailing sections are the perfect incubators for future representatives in various world events such as American Cup. One of them - Piotr Przybylski, previously sailing with Rafał Sawicki in olimpic class 470, won title of European Champion in sailing. Piotr was member of the sailing team captained by Karol Jabłoński.

Our club organizes many prestigious events such as YKP Gdynia Cup (qualifiers to World Championship), or President of city of Gdynia Cup. Each year, our events bring together around 1000 sailors.

In 2005, YKP Gdynia successfully organized European Championships in Optimist and 470 class.

Sincere Welcome to Yacht Club of Poland, which this year 2007, celebrates its 83 years of existence!

With sailors greetings,
Commodore of YKP Gdynia

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